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Microfilm 2011

Since Kodak removed itself from direct contact with the microfilm users of today rumors have started up again about the 'death of microfilm'. But Kodak did not discontinue manufacturing the microfilm products still needed and used worldwide.

In fact all three manufacturers continue production of their microfilm products.

Agfa's primary world wide contact has been for many years and continues to be:

Eurold Coart
Agfa Materials
Business Manager
Microfilm & Aerial Film
MAT/Sales & Marketing
T +32 3444 8085 | F +32 3 444 8052 | M +32 494 56 10 75
Agfa-Gevaert NV, Septestraat 27, 2640 Mortsel, Belgium

The USA distributor continues to be:

The Crowley Company
5111 Pegasus Court, Suite
M, Frederick, MD 21704

Fuji's primary contact in the USA is:

Randy L. Petree
Cell: 817-271-1262
Office: 401-522-9472
Email: Randy_Petree@fujifilm-ffem.com

And recently he stated:

FUJIFILM’s digital image to archive media equipment business remains active, delivering solutions for replacing competitive devices and analog cameras in the marketplace.  The FUJIFILM Archive Recording System AR-1000 continues to improve by providing new features and increased ease of use from input from a growing customer base.

Based on the widespread use of enterprise wide PC networks, digital image document management systems are the retrieval solution of choice. Microfilm remains one of the best long term storage media available especially considering it is an eye readable analog format with proven ISO standards.  I would expect the demand for microfilm as a backup will continue for those entities required to manage accurate and reliable records over many decades.  The piece of mind of vital records backed up on microfilm is cost effective insurance for digital image platforms.  

FUJIFILM continues to support the microfilm industry with a direct interest from a manufacturing, sales, distribution and support basis.  If you review overall sales revenue FUJIFILM has proven to be able to diversify and grow our total business over the last several years.  Microfilm remains a viable part of our total business and as a long term solution for records management.


Eastman Park Micrographics is now the world wide distributor of Kodak microfilms. The majority of former Kodak microfilm product employees are now Eastman Park employees.

One of their key employees who we have all look to over many decades for assistance with any micrographics issue is:

Robert Breslawski
Worldwide Product Director

And recently he stated:

As many of you are aware; Eastman Kodak Company has completed the sale of certain assets of its microfilm products and equipment business to Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc.

Eastman Park Micrographics and its affiliates, headquartered in Dallas, have a long and proven track record of providing products and services related to archival storage, retrieval, restoration and preservation of historical documents and records in county recorder offices throughout the U.S.

Eastman Park Micrographics facility and experienced staff has moved from a KODAK film manufacturing building to a leased facility of about 100,000 square feet at Eastman Business Park in Rochester NY.

While we are located in Rochester NY, we are totally separate company and are free to provide as many services and products in addition to KODAK microfilm products that we feel our partners in the preservation community need. 

It is our intention to continue the same Disaster Recovery services at no charge at our facility.  To the best of my knowledge we are the only company in the world that has a fixed site continuously available to all partners and customers of partners. 

We also maintain a list of partners who can provide other specialty services such as Disaster Recovery of microfiche and also provide Acetate to Polyester duplication services.

The Quality assurance laboratory is at the same location and will provide process control monitoring under the Infoguard Lab monitoring process as well as The Document Archive Writer Infoguard lab program which monitors quality produced on KODAK Document Archive Writers Model 4800 and KODAK I9600 series Film Writers.

All these services are provided as a benefit to all users of high quality KODAK microfilm products and services.  

These services along with the most complete line of films and equipment possible are the strategic intent of Eastman Park Micrographics.   We will be selling the complete line of KODAK microfilms worldwide.

We do intend to offer the same high quality products that all can and have trusted.  Please check us out at http://www.epminc.com or you can email us at mailto:info@epminc.com

While KODAK is struggling to reinvent itself I can say personally that after 37 years that it is still a company loaded with great people and talent.

Their film manufacturing facility is streamlined and focused to continue to provide the products we all need.

Please stay tuned!



If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me

John R Glover