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Recommended Reading:

The following are not intended to list every available book on micrographics but it will give the reader a good up to date overview of the subject:


From the ARMA bookstore (www.arma.org):

Micrographics: Technology for the 21st Century, by William Saffady, 2000.

The Thomas Handbook of Quality Control for the Microfilm Industry, by Bill Thomas, 1998

From the AIIM bookstore (www.aiim.org):

Film-Based Imaging in the Document Life Cycle: FAQ’s for Best Practices, by William Saffady, funded by FbiA.org, 2001.

Film-Based Imaging: New Views and Applications, by Don Avedon, 1998.

Document Life Cycle: A White Paper, by William Saffady, 1996.


MS909CD, a set of Micrographic Standards and Technical Reports, 2001, $260.00.

The following three publications are on the CD but if the budget wouldn’t allow it these along with many more standards and technical reports are available individually:

MS23-2004, Practice for Operational Procedures/Inspection & quality Control of First-Generation Silver-Gelatin Microfilm of Documents.

MS48-1981, Recommended Practice – Microfilming Public Records on Silver Halide Film.

TR13-1998, Preservation of Microforms in an Active Environment.

And finally not on the CD but well worth the $52.00, especially for the conversion shops that do both image capture to film and digital media:

TR34-1996, Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes of Images in Electronic Image Management and Micrographic Systems.

From the Author or Publisher:

Legality of Microfilm, edited by Robert Williams, Cohasset Associates, Chicago IL. Loose leaf, updated annually. 800-200-7667

From this site's manager:

Altek has closed their doors and Western Micrographics now markets their equipment and supplies but Altek's excellent booklet "All about Micrographics" is still available.

Please email john@fyiglover.com for a copy.